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About us

Our goal at Vastitude is to provide transcendent hosting services at the lowest possible price and the highest customer satisfaction. We concentrate mainly on uptime and client satisfaction, with servers faster than the superhero "Flash" and an equally fast support team, our service is inimitable. Our talented, well-trained and motivated team works cohesively to deliver solutions 24/7, and provide recognisable global results to our clients.


Our mission is to bring the world the next generation in server hosting, with control & flexibility that is unsurpassed elsewhere in the industry. Driven by our customers’ needs, we aim to offer services that are both innovative and affordable.

Hosting Locations [Service]

North America
- New York [Minecraft | Minecraft: Pocket Edition | Dedicated]
- Baltimore [Web]

- Germany [Minecraft | Minecraft: Pocket Edition]

- Singapore [Minecraft | Minecraft: Pocket Edition]

- Sydney [Minecraft | Minecraft: Pocket Edition]

Server Specifications

  • 3.4+ Ghz Processor - Our servers use Intel Xeon E3/E5 processors.
  • 32GB ECC Memory - Minimum of 32GB ram clocked at high speeds.
  • Solid State Drives - Samsung Evo SSD's for client storage.
  • Hybrid Drives - Blend of HDD capacity and SSD speeds for backup storage.
  • 1Gbps Port - Super-fast network link for low-latency gaming.
  • DDoS Protection - Protection against Distributed Denial of Services.
  • Linux CentOS - CentOS for the best performance and stability.

Why choose Vastitude?

There are thousands of hosts out there, so why should YOU choose us over them, what makes us better? (Specific to Minecraft Hosting)

  • Unlimited Services - Get Unlimited Ram, Slots, Storage and Bandwidth for a price other hosts could only dream about.
  • ANYTIME Money Back Guarantee - If for some reason you decide you don't want to continue, you can get your money back anytime.
  • Real Premium Support - Modpack setup, permissions, everything you could think of!
  • Service Guaranteed - If your server goes down or you don't receive our fast support, you will be credited.
  • No Overselling - Check out our server status page to see detailed status of our nodes.
  • Freebies - Free 10-Slot Mumble Voice Server, Starter Web Hosting, Enjin, Buycraft & iClanWebsites Trials, Subdomains and Server Transfers are provided with our Minecraft Servers.
  • Multicraft 2.1.1 - We always update to the latest stable version of Multicraft
  • Daily Backups - Your server is fully backed up everyday at 6PM UK Time and backups can be requested anytime (kept up to 7 days).
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime - Upgrade or Downgrade your current service at any time you want, instantly.
  • Custom Solutions - Need something specific? Let us know, we can provide it!
  • Free Server Transfers - We will transfer your server files from your previous host to us for free.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

- Alan Turing