Activity Check

Simply click on the link below and select the service you want to check-in from the "Related Service" box. In the message field enter anything you wish. Please make sure to login to your client area account!


How will I know when my service is due in for check-in?

Your service is due for check-in every month after the registration date. You will find your registration date by logging into the client area -> services -> my services -> click on your one-time payment service and you will see the registration date.

For example, if your registration date is 26/01/2017 then your next check-in date is 26/02/2017.

How long do I have to check-in?

You must check-in within 7 days before your next check-in date.

For example, if your next check-in date is 26/02/2017 then you have from 19/02/2017 until 26/02/2017 to check-in.

What if I don't check-in?

The service will be terminated and you will not be able to request any refunds or the data.

You can also pay a small fee if you are unable to check-in on specific months. Get in touch with us for more information.

I have a question

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