Auto Backups Add-on

Vastitude offers Auto Backups. This article shows information about using Vastitude Auto Backups with your server(s).


- Backups can only be requested in the event of data loss caused by Vastitude (this means if you just need a backup for any other reason, we won't be able to provide it).
- Backups are stored in a offsite location.
- Backups are taken daily at 6PM UK time.
- Backups are kept for 7 days.


Auto Backups are currently £1.00 | $1.39 | €1.14 / monthly.

Why am I not opted in for Auto Backups by default, for free?

Backups use resources on the server, in order to minimise performance loss we by default don't opt every client in for this service as we recongnise not everyone may need this.


It is not always guaranteed backups will be available upon request. Client is responsible for their own data management. As shown on our Terms of Service, by subscribing to our website you agree to take appropriate backups and agree Vastitude cannot be held responsible for any data loss for the following: equipment failure, natural disaster, acts of God, or human error.

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