Unlimited ram and disk space? How is that possible?

While it may sound unrealistic - it's true. With Vastitude by choosing the Unlimited Plan you receive unlimited ram and unlimited disk space - we guarantee it.

A logical question you might ask, where do you get your unlimited ram and hard drives from? The answer is - we don't, we are able to provide this as not all clients require huge amounts of ram & disk space on the server. For example, there might be 10 clients who just use 2GB of ram and 1GB of disk space and then 1 client who uses 6GB of ram and 100GB of disk space. That's no problem for us. We do however, recommend reading our terms of service regarding what you can store on your server.

So what's the trick? There are no tricks at all. You get what you see, to back it up we provide an Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket.

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