Vastitude Edge


What gives Vastitude the "Edge"? Simple. We provide an Anytime Money Back Guarantee which lets you request a refund at anytime for whatever reason, no questions asked. Next, we have an Uptime Guarantee. We will make sure that your service with us will be online 100% of the time and if not, we'll credit you. Finally, our Premium Support Guarantee. All services come with free premium support. Need help with something? Just let us know, we'll assist you at no extra cost.


If you do decide we are not the right host for you, then we will give you a hassle-free refund. Just cancel your account within your first 24 hours for a full refund, or anytime after for a prorated refund of unused service after the 24 hours.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to keep you as our customer before you cancel your service with us. Our team is standing by and will do anything possible to make things right for you!

*Setup Fees, Client Area Credit, Add-ons, One-Time Payment Services and Vastitude Infinity membership fees are not refundable.*


99.99% - 99% uptime : 72 hours credit
98% - 96% uptime : 168 hours credit
95% - 90% uptime : 336 hours credit
Less than 90% uptime : 672 hours credit

We are not responsible for outages or circumstances beyond our control that affect access to your service such as the following:
- Network conditions across the internet (outside of our network), such as between your ISP and our data center
- DDoS or other attacks on our servers
- Problems with Your ISP's network
- Browser or DNS caching issues
Every now and then, servers and related hardware need to be brought down for routine maintenance and upgrades to ensure that our network is secure and performing optimally. We do our best to keep such incidents to a minimum, and will attempt to give you advance notice of any scheduled maintenance. These scheduled service outages do not qualify for the uptime guarantee.


All services come with free premium support. Any technical support request that is submitted is guaranteed to receive a response within the premium support stated times. A £1 credit can be requested per request if there has been no response within the stated time.

Standard Class - FREE
Guaranteed Responses within
24 Hours
Ticket Support

First Class - ORDER NOW
Guaranteed Responses within
Ticket Support

Business Class - ORDER NOW
Guaranteed Responses within
Ticket and Discord Support

*Support response guarantee does not include sales, abuse or management departments sent via official means. Support response guarantee does not guarantee resolution within the premium support stated hours but merely a response from a human. Total credits in a given month cannot exceed 100% of customer's hosting fees for the account which the requests were in reference to.*