EVO Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Current Rate: 7%

How it works

Simply add funds (minimum 5.00 of any currency) into your Client Area. Stay above those limits every month in order to receive the additional account credit every month.


The example below is based on 20% rate and is only shown for example purposes and not the real rate.

5.00 or more = 1.00 reward each month
10.00 or more = 2.00 reward each month
20.00 or more = 4.00 reward each month
30.00 or more = 6.00 reward each month
50.00 or more = 10.00 reward each month
100.00 or more = 20.00 reward each month

- If you add 10.00 funds, as long as that 10.00 is in your account every month, you will receive an additional 2.00 every month on top of that 10.00 which would equal to 12.00.

Currencies include British Pounds, Euros and United States Dollars.

How to join

Submit a ticket to join the EVO Rewards Loyalty Program: EVO Rewards Registration

Current Rate Explanation

Current Rate is how much you will be rewarded every month, for example, if the current rate is at 5% and you have 5.00 of funds in your client area account, you will earn additional 0.25 every month.


Any amount of funds deposited into client area or earned through EVO Rewards is not refundable or withdrawable, instead all funds deposited & earned can only be used for Vastitude's services.


1. This scheme is available to clients & non-clients - feel free to register at anytime.
2. Minimum 5.00 deposit is required.

Rate Changes

The current rate changes at random. Rewards are always given out depending on what the current rate is. We advise everyone to be aware of this. Complaints regarding rates being too low at the end of month will not be accepted.

I have a question

Please submit all queries here: EVO Rewards Questions