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Google doesn't like the forums
You might want to take a look at your email servers cause my verification email landed in the spam folder.
(It's a google apps address, not sure if that has to do anything with it)

I included the raw email I got. It might be the missing SPF record.
PS: I can't upload the screenshot cause it's too large, so here's an imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/OB5WL
Hi ThomaSs,

Thanks for letting us know, we are working to try get the emails within the inbox section but since the top email providers are very strict on these sorts of emails it will be quite hard to be permanently in the inbox section. Rest assured, we will keep on trying as I can understand it can be a pain to have emails landing in the spam folder but in the meantime I recommend whitelisting all emails from us so that you and anyone reading this won't miss emails from us.
For me it's all goochi.

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