Vastitude Infinity

Vastitude Infinity is just $3.99/month. Cancel anytime.


Infinity Perks

Unlimited Priority Support

Send limitless tickets, all tickets will be considered as high priority, and there will be no additional fees.

Discord Benefits

Vastitude Infinity Tag and Member-only Channel on Discord.
Discord Levels Credit - Exchange your Discord Levels for Client Area Credit.

No Stock Fees

No requirement to pay any additional fees for any service due to LIMITED stock or BACK ORDER status.

Blog Rewards

Free Rewards on every Blog post. Rewards can also be gifted to other Infinity Members.

Unlimited 1-Day Trials

Unlimited 1-Day Trials on all Vastitude Services and selected add-ons.


Discounts on all Vastitude Services and selected add-ons.

Discounts are available for ordering in the Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually billing cycle.
Reselling the Perks provided by Infinity is not allowed. Review Terms of Service.
We may change these benefits occasionally as provided in the Terms of Service.
The cost of Infinity Membership is subject to change at anytime, please review the Terms of Service for more information.
Vastitude Infinity membership is non-refundable.
Prority Support is not a replacement for Premium Support Tiers First and Business Class, we will provide faster support though there is no guarantee for the response times.