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Last Updated: 5th of November, 2016

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Huge vouch for these lot, have a server from them, it's amazing! :D - Posted on MineMart
Long review, posted here: MineMart
VOUCH! Vastitude is a very professional company! Their prices are amazing and their servers are the best I've ever seen! - Posted on MineMart
Huge vouch! Got a server from 'em. Defo worth it - Posted on MCSell
Note: I am not affiliated with Vastitude in any way or sponsored by them. No words can describe their support and services. Purchased Unlimited Plan with 50% Discount code 'PEACE'. Tested out the servers, no lag even I have 2MBps internet here at Asia. They shocked me with almost instant support (around 10 seconds). Their support agents are professional and polite. I recently moved from Clovux (Not saying their services are bad but Vastitude's are better). Recommends this host to anyone looking for less pricey and high quality server hosts. They have free add-ons such as free 10 slot Mumble server and Free website hosting. Their services are top notch so please consider them. - Posted on MCSell
Vouch! No lagg good support! - Posted on MC-Market
Long review, posted here: MC-Market
Huge vouch! Definitely recommend - Posted on MC-Market.
I will vouch for Vastitude hosting, I have not had too long a test with their services but so far I am pleased I was able to access my panel within 30 seconds of my purchase and have joined the server and have not experienced any lag. Overall the service is much cheaper than any other that I have found and offers all the same features. Thanks for the great service. - Posted on MC-Market.
BIG vouch!! I started my first network with them and so far it's been great. Their support is unbelievably fast. Send them almost any issue and within the hour it's completed. I have no complaints as of now. Great host IMO - Posted on MC-Market.
Vouch, bought a server from them and the server starts within 1 second! (Boot time) - Posted on MC-Market.
Vouch! Made a test server and Their support is amazing! - Posted on MC-Market.
Where Do I Start. I own 10 servers with Vastitude and wow their level of staff and support is amazing. For example this morning my ftp wasn't working I click live chat type in my problem and it was sorted with in 5 minutes, if you went with mcpro or another company it would take one hour-2 days for support. Also just now I had a massive problem with my server I typed my problem in LiveChat and although it took over an hour to fix the staff member Alvin would not stop until it was fixed. I have never been so happy with support like this. the best times I've ever got in my previous 5+ hosting company's is 30 minutes and if you are thinking well just go in a live chat with another company and it will be the same time, well you are wrong in my previous experiences every company ive asked in livechat they have just said make a support ticket. Vastitude take pride in what they do, and unlike most company's they deserve to be offering hosting. Well done guys especially Alvin it was him both times that helped me And yesterday Kevin helped me setup and fix problems in my panel. By far the best hosting company I have ever been with and the cheapest. Thanks for the amazing support and time you put into your work and keep it up guys you are amazing. - Posted on MC-Market.
Vouch! They are all VERY nice! - Posted on MC-Market.
Huge vouch! extremly good support, servers ain't laggin. I higly recommend using this host. they are the best :3 - Posted on MC-Market.
Vouch: Very good deals, I recommend Unlimited package very good deal keep it like that! - Posted on MC-Market.