Weekly Edition


18th April 2018

Back to Normal

We are sincerely sorry for the inactivity on the community side of Vastitude (weekly editions, discord etc), this was due to staff shortage. Everything is now back to normal now and things will be operating as usual again.

Latest Changes

  • V-0 Plan will not be released for now due to the high IPv4s costs.
  • All customers have been fully transferred to the new London, UK location.
  • The locations New York, Germany and France have been pushed to release in Q4 2018 due to current circumstances.
  • Fee Table is now available on this link.
  • Price of the High Usage add-on was halved.
  • IPv6 Support has been delayed for a future update.
  • Auto Backups will now cost an additional fee, this fee will be reflected on the website in the next few days.

One-Time Payment (w/ 12 Months Guarantee) Week

It's back again! Pay for any of the following plans and keep it for lifetime:

Plan V-1 - £99.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC
Plan V-2 - £199.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC
Plan V-3 - £399.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC
Plan V-4 - £799.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC
Plan V-5 - £1599.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC
Plan V-6 - £3199.99 - ORDER - VIEW SPEC

This week only, One Time Payment (OTP) is available with 12 Months Guarantee, which means it is eligble for refund if you were to be unhappy with the service in the 12 moth period. See below:

- 50% fee for requesting refund within the first 3 months.
- 70% fee if it is requested after the first 3 months but before 12 months.

Requests after 12 months will not be eligible for refund. Additional assistance is available via ticket if you have any questions regarding this event.

Switch to Vastitude Week

Receive £5.00 account credit to spend on Vastitude Services when you switch to Vastitude from another host.

Please note that you are required to have no services with Vastitude already and will need to purchase a service to claim the £5.00 account credit. Additionally, evidence must be shown of you being with your previous host for at-least 14 days

Made the switch? Welcome to Vastitude! Claim your credit here.

Bug Bounty Week

Found something that isn't meant to be there? Let us know and we'll reward you!

Found it? Let us know.

Windows Defender Antivirus Scanner on Google Chrome

Microsoft brings its antivirus protection to Google’s Chrome browser

View on The Verge

Tesla temporarily stops Model 3 production line

The company says pause is to fix bottlenecks at its factory

View on The Verge

Subsidiary Information

- Weekly Editions will now feature Fun Facts and some additional changes have also been made to the image's text.
- Discord Leaderboard has been updated.
- Support Menu has been updated.
- Server Status page has been updated.
- Partners section on About Us page has been updated.

Colour Guide

  • Red shows the news.
  • Green shows the events.
  • Blue shows the changes.

Weekly Quote

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

- Audrey Hepburn

Vastitude Infinity Rewards

£0.50 Client Area Credit

Fun Fact

On this day, 32 years ago, IBM produced the first Megabit Chip.