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24th November 2017

Unlimited Ram Cloud VPS & Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

For NEW Customers and EXISTING Customers, check out the special offers page and get great deals on Vastitude Services. It will be available from 00:00AM until 23:59PM UK Time.


Unlimited Ram Cloud VPS - Game Changer

The Game Changer is here. NOW you can get Unlimited Ram on any of our Cloud VPS Plans for JUST £99 /monthly!

Similar to our Minecraft Unlimited plans which start with a soft limit due to the software used, the Unlimited Ram on our Cloud VPS lineup will start with a 12GB ram soft limit which on ticket request (if you are nearing the soft limit) can be upgraded.

Now, we'll not make you wait any longer - just today you can get 50% OFF the first month on the Unlimited Ram Add-on using the code MCVURA-50OFF-FM (provide it on ticket request!)

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Firefox Quantum

Firefox’s faster, slicker, slimmer Quantum edition now out.

View on ArsTechnica

Android phones still track you when location services are off

Even phones that have been reset to their factory settings can tell Google where you are.

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Subsidiary Information

- You can now leave feedback on your experience with Vastitude by clicking on the Feedback Button located on the left of the screen.
- Discord Leaderboard has been updated.
- Backup Service for Minecraft Hosting is working as normal again.
- Gift Card Bonus Week is no longer available.
- Price Match Week is no longer available.
- Bug Bounty Week is no longer available.
- Website Images have been optimised for faster loading speeds.

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