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26th April 2018

Double Discord Benefits Week

From now until 3rd of May 2018, all clients regardless of having Vastitude Infinity or not, will be able to exchange their Discord Levels for Client Area Credit. But that's not it! It will be worth 2x more! You will need a minimum of 5 levels, and every 5 levels will be worth £1.00 instead of just £0.50.


Bug Bounty Week

Found something that isn't meant to be there? Let us know and we'll reward you!

Found it? Let us know.

Snapchat plans to test unskippable six-second ads

The test ads will appear in some Snapchat shows

View on The Verge

Amazon Key expands to deliver packages inside your car

Another option for those skeptical about in-home deliveries.

View on ArsTechnica

Subsidiary Information

- Terms of Service has been updated.
- Discord Leaderboard has been updated.
- Switch to Vastitude Week has ended.
- One Time Payment (w/ 12 Months Guarantee) Week has ended.

Colour Guide

  • Red shows the news.
  • Green shows the events.
  • Blue shows the changes.

Weekly Quote

Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.

- Stephen Hawking

Vastitude Infinity Rewards

7 Days of Extra Service

Fun Fact

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.