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5th May 2018

Pre-Order in Singapore

We are now accepting pre-orders in Singapore after very high demand for servers in Asia. The location will be named Singapore 1 as we are currently only using 1 carrier (Hurricane Electric) but will feature all the goodies such as Xeon E3 3.3Ghz+ Processor, SSDs and Unlimited Bandwidth @ 1Gbps. There will be a small additional pre-order fee which will be visible at the checkout.

We are looking to open the location near the start of next month. However, if pre-orders do pass our set threshold then we will release the location much sooner.


Login with Google

We have implemented Google to the Vastitude Client Area. Now you can sign up and login with your Google account. If you're already a client, you can link your Google account and login using it.

Bug Bounty Week

Found something that isn't meant to be there? Let us know and we'll reward you!

Found it? Let us know.

Samsung announces 970 Pro and Evo NVMe SSDs

Both drives start shipping May 7.

View on ArsTechnica

How to secure your Twitter account

Don’t waste time covering yourself after Twitter’s colossal screwup

View on The Verge

Subsidiary Information

- Double Discord Benefits Week is now over.
- New Affiliate System page has been added, view here.
- Fixed an issue with Vastitude logo showing a 404 page on click.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect name on Weekly Edition's breadcrumbs. - There will be no Weekly Edition next week.

Colour Guide

  • Red shows the news.
  • Green shows the events.
  • Blue shows the changes.

Weekly Quote

You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

- Albert Einstein

Vastitude Infinity Rewards

3 Days of Extra Service

Fun Fact

Human Bones are about 5 times stronger than steel.