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9th August 2018

Double Ram Week in London

From today for a week, we're offering double ram on all deploys in London. Ordered 32GB? We'll double it to make it 64GB.

This event will last until 15th of August 2018.

Let us know here after ordering.

OS Templates

There has been an issue for the past few months on OS reinstallations providing incorrect new random root passwords. We have now updated the templates provided by SolusVM and after several tests by our team & the SolusVM team we can confirm the randomly generated root passwords will now be always correct. With this fix we will also be reintroducing multiple templates including CentOS 6.9/7.5, Debian 9.3, Fedora 26/27 and Ubuntu 14/16/17/18.

Kadiyan Group Limited Closure

We have internally decided to close down our parent company Kadiyan Group Limited. The reasoning will currently be undisclosed. This will not mean that Vastitude will be closing down rather we will have all previous active staff members back on board again to provide you the same level of excitement since we started in 2015.

Student Discounts now available!

This one has been requested quite a lot recently and so we will now be providing 15% off recurring on all plans in any location for Students - verification will be needed.

View the Special Offers page for more information.

Bug Bounty Week

Found something that isn't meant to be there? Let us know and we'll reward you!

Found it? Let us know.

Chrome now using native Windows 10 notifications, Action Center

Using standard Windows 10 notifications means they'll respect do-not-disturb mode.

View on ArsTechnica

Google finalizes Android P as Android 9 “Pie".

Google surprise-launches Android P for Pixel phones, starts up "Digital Wellbeing" beta.

View on ArsTechnica

Subsidiary Information

- We've made multiple changes to the look of the site, mainly on the client area, we have integrated the theme site-wide so that there is the same feeling when you browse through.
- Summer Partner VPS Giveaway Event is now over.
- Discord Leaderboard has been revised.

Colour Guide

  • Red shows the news.
  • Green shows the events.
  • Blue shows the changes.

Weekly Quote

Don't let your indifference be the difference that prevents you from making that difference.

- Unknown

Vastitude Infinity Rewards

14 Days of Extra Service

Fun Fact

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses all letters of the Alphabet.