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Free Minecraft: Lite Plan until 31st December 2017


  • Activity Based - You must login at least every 2 days onto your server. You must also be active on our Forums & Discord Chat.

  • Violation of our Terms of Service will lead to a permanent termination and suspension from using the free service again.

  • Strictly ONE Free Server Per Customer - Additional orders will be terminated & a permanent suspension from using the free service again.

  • We reserve the right to move/terminate your service at any time if deemed necessary - We recommend always taking backups. We will try to let you know beforehand but no guarantees will be made.

  • You must use an accurate email address.

  • Ends on 31st December 2017.


You can choose to continue by paying £1/monthly or your services will be terminated.
You can upgrade or downgrade anytime to any plan you like for more resources. Upgrading to a plan above the Lite plan will mean your server will not end on 31st December 2017 and you will be able to continue at the given price.
There are two main reasons for this.
Firstly we would like to make everyone aware that we have a community in which you can get help, talk with other server owners and have some fun.
Secondly we would like to prevent bots/spammers in every way possible, by adding 2 more layers of required processes - we can prevent a lot of them and allowing more people to take up on this offer.
Why not! We've made our Minecraft: Lite plan free to get the attention of people that may be overpaying with other server providers. Dedicated Servers that server providers use to host minecraft servers are getting cheaper and cheaper. Many server providers in the industry still decide to overcharge people and then charge even more for additional support. In our hopes to change the industry for more affordable premium minecraft server hosting (while maintaing reliability) we are providing everyone with a free 512MB server (Lite plan) until 31st December 2017. Those who wish to switch to better and more affordable hosting can also start with a paid plan starting at just £2 per GB and £12 for Unlimited Ram!
1. Anytime Money Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied or just don't want to continue then simply let us know and we'll provide you a refund, anytime. No need to be sad after spending 3 digits with other hosts and not needing the server anymore!
2. 100% Uptime - Downtime means Loss. We hate both. We will guarantee to keep your server up 100% of the time and if we fail to do so, we will credit you.
3. Premium Support - Need help to setup Bungeecord? Need a map uploaded or a plugin configured? Whatever it is, let us know and we will help you with it at no extra cost.
4. Packed with Freebies - 10-Slot Mumble Voice Server, Starter Web Hosting, Sub-Domains, Server Transfers, Enjin/Buycraft/MinecraftMarket/iClanWebsite Trials all included at no extra charge.
5. Constantly Evolving & Updating - We post updates/promotions/latest technology news every week. It's fun to read and comes with weekly surprises like free services!
6. We could go on forever but we'll make this the last one. Community-Based - We have an active forum and discord chat, feel free to come on and talk with other server owners and even the staff!
It can be a daunting process to get all the files from your previous host switched over to us. Simply get in touch with us through ticket and we will do everything for you (we will require your previous host's FTP details.)

Still have time left with another host? Get in touch with us and we will try work something out for you!
Get in touch with us here


There are thousands of providers in the market at the moment. Let's compare Vastitude with some of the major providers & their biggest plans.


Instant Setup, No Queues, Loads of Freebies, 24/7 Uptime, DDoS Protection, Custom Jars & Modpacks, Premium Support and best of all. Free.