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14th July 2017

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Didn't expect this did you?! Check out what's new in Vastitude 2.0 below!

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Vastitude Forum

It's finally here, we now have our own community forums for everyone to have fun in! Visit it here. Sign up on the forum and submit a ticket with your forum username to win some great rewards!

Amazon.co.uk Gift Card & Steam Wallet Payment Method Support

We now officially accept Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards and Steam Wallet. Get in touch with us if you are interested in one of our services and we will let you know the pricing details.

Discord Chat

The much awaited and most requested - Discord. You can now click here to visit our Discord Chat. Keep it clean!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

We've announced this before but now we have officially released the page, you can choose between two plans; MC:PE Starter or MC:PE Unlimited. Both come with amazing features, great hardware and support at an unbelievable pricing.

Activity Check-In System

We now have a new system in place for customers that have lifetime/one-time payment services. Visit the new Activity Check page here.

Premium Support Class Changes

Below are the changes made to Premium Support:

First Class
Guaranteed Responses within 8 hours
Ticket, Email & SMS Support

Business Class
Guaranteed Responses within 1 hour
Ticket, Email, SMS & Phone Support

Edge Class
Guaranteed Responses within 10 minutes
Ticket, Email, SMS, Phone & WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype/Discord Support

Currency System

Support for more currencies have been added to our website. You can now select to view product prices in British Pounds, Dollars or Euros from the currency selector at the top of the page.

Web Hosting Location Change

All clients have been moved to our new location in Baltimore, United States and can expect much better speeds and more flexibility with their web hosting needs. If you are having issues with your website after this change, please get in touch with us through ticket.

Minecraft Demo Server's Jar Updates

Minecraft Demo Servers in New York, Germany, Singapore and Australia have been upgraded to the latest version of Minecraft 1.12.

Dropping Support for VPS

We have came to a conclusion to drop our VPS line for future purchases. All clients that currently have a VPS will still be able to continue using the service until they wish to and request technical support.

Other Site Changes

Other multiple changes have been made to the site including; locations and test ips at the bottom, portal has been removed (customers can access their website cpanel by typing yourdomain.com/cpanel), minecraft panel is now available at the top bar, live server status has been removed and many more changes.

One-Time Payment Week

Get any of the services below for lifetime by paying a one-time fee.

Essential Plan - £18 / one-time
Advanced Plan - £36 / one-time
Professional Plan - £72 / one-time
Unlimited Plan - £108 / one-time
Unlimited Plus Plan - £216 / one-time
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
MC:PE Starter - £14 / one-time
MC:PE Unlimited - £104 / one-time
Web Hosting
Avenger Plan - £18 / one-time
Dedicated Servers
E3-NY Plan - £1400 / one-time

Interested? Click here to let us know which service you would like.

Week of First Class Support

This week all clients will be able to benefit from First Class support. View more information on Vastitude Edge to see what is included in the First Class tier.

Switch to Us

Switch to Us from your old host and receive a free month. Click here to let us know about the switch. - We'll even transfer your files from the old host to us for free.

Price Match Week

Found a host that serves at a cheaper rate than us? Let us know and we'll lower our rate for you. Let us know.

Bug Bounty Week

Found any bugs/issues/errors? Let us know and we'll reward you! Let us know.

Red Hydrogen

Red Hydrogen apparently world's first "holographic media machine,' whatever that means. - View on ArsTechnica

Net Neutrality

If you blinked, you missed yesterday’s net neutrality protest. - View on Recode

Subsidiary Information

~ Switch to Us - Full proof is required and will be discussed when you have contacted us. (Only available for Minecraft,Minecraft:PE & Web Hosting.)
~ One-Time Payment Week - Prices will vary for Singapore & Sydney location, please contact us for more details.

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Quote of the Week

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
- Helen Keller

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Weekly Surprise

Nothing this week but scroll up for the amazing events!