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1st August 2017

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Our Minecraft: Lite Plan will be free until 31st of December. Find out more information here: Welcome Offer

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Fill in August 2017's survey here and earn a random reward.

Price Match Week

Found a host that serves at a cheaper rate than us? Let us know and we'll lower our rate for you. Let us know.

Bug Bounty Week

Found any bugs/issues/errors? Let us know and we'll reward you! Let us know.

USB 3.2

USB 3.2 will double the speed of your old Type-C cables - View on ArsTechnica


Spotify just hit 60m paying customers. Next, going public - View on Wired

Subsidiary Information

~ Made the Weekly News/Update lists look cooler.
~ Top Menu Client Area button not working on mobile devices has been fixed.
~ One Time Payment Week has ended.
~ Week of First Class Support has ended.
~ Switch to Us is no longer available.

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Quote of the Week

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.
- Bob Marley

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Weekly Surprise

Web Hosting: Avenger Plan